Fernando Ballester is the founder of one the most relevant companies about curtains. His main value as a businessman is professionalism and speed and commitment when it comes to installing curtains.

The creation of the logo as a company image was a challenge. We had to simulate in a subtle way the sector to which the company referred, leaving the conventionalism and giving a much more modern and minimalist aesthetic, since most of Skyline’s projects are developed in new or renovated premises or stores.

Provided services: web design, logo design, SEO, Google Ads

portada-alhambra-client 2023

Alhambra Tickets

Alhambra Tickets


We designed the logo for this project based on the Arabic writings of the Alhambra monument and all the calligraphic inscriptions found inside the Nasrid Palaces.

The symbol that predominates both in the logo and in the web, is a little piece of the Arabic mosaics, so represented throughout the Islamic culture of al-Andalus.

The earth tone that predominates both in the logo and in the Landing represents the color of the Alhambra at sunset, a wonderful sunset that captivates all who contemplate it.

Developing the landing was key for our client to be able to make Private Tours, since she is an Official Guide and needed that extra boost to get better benefits.

Provided services: Web design, Lead Generation, Google Ads, Social Media Ads


Agile – Podcast

Client: Agile

Agile methodologies are those that adapt the way of working to the project conditions. Companies that use them manage their projects in a flexible, autonomous and efficient way, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Agile sin filtros is a platform of blogs, videos and podcasts that try to inform about Agile, its use, its application and its myths in a very close way.

It was decided to create the project due to the lack of information about it, especially in Spanish due to its recent incorporation in work teams.

Provided services: Branding, UX

Pro Nutrition

Pro Nutrition


Pro Nutrition is a food brand that sells supplements for athletes.

The idea came from Arturo, its CEO, who already owns a gym for years and wanted to expand his market to national territory with his sports supplementation brand.

For the creation of the logo we chose a very robust and strong typography, like the users of this type of products.
The colors, red and black, represent the strength, energy and passion for sports that consumers of this type of products have.

This ecommerce, simple but very visual, focuses mainly on the product. Without too many ornaments or graphic resources, the web is mainly composed of its 2 corporate colors: black and red.

Provided services: Logo design, Ecommerce, UX, App promotion, Social Media Ads

15 years Marly Camino

The Way Of St. James


Marly Camino is an international tourism company based in Madrid, dedicated to organizing experiences for people who wish to walk the Camino de Santiago.

Its main audience is located in several countries including the United States, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela.

After several years accompanying this company in the strategy and execution of its digital communication, this year we embarked on one of its most important projects: an omnichannel branding campaign, to give visibility to the 15th anniversary of the company.

The new logo was used in different materials such as masks, brochures and t-shirts as well as in digital brochures and publications in social networks.

Provided services: UX, SEO, Social Media Ads, Brochure Design

Kivia Kosmetics

Kivia Cosmetics


Kivia Kosmetics was created to raise awareness of the importance of Korean cosmetics in the Spanish market.
It is a project that mixes Korean culture with the increasing need to take care of your skin and look more and more beautiful for longer.

The logo reflects very much the oriental air on which it is based. The “K” of the word Kivia could be a character of an Asian alphabet, and the line that joins the two points of the “i”, simulates the bridge between the two cultures.

Provided services: Logo design, Web, SEO, Social Media Ads


Omnia Agency


When we were commissioned to create the corporate identity for Omnia Agency, we knew from the beginning that the fundamental value of their company was sustainability.

That’s why we set to work to create a fresh, natural and organic image that would reflect the company’s mission and vision.

We wanted a logo with soft and feminine lines because of its creator, Cristina, a woman very involved in environmental impact.

Provided services: Web design, Google Ads, Social Media

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