Client: NESTRE

The NESTRE app is a premier tool for high performers and people looking to strengthen their ability to meet the growing load of high-pressure environments and everyday life. Your betterment journey through the app is customize uniquely to you, built from your NESTRE Mindset Profile.

NESTRE’s groundbreaking app provides the first premium digital environment created to better both the mind and the brain.

Provided services: PPC/SEM, App promotion, Social Media Ads, UX

App Promotion

We promoted the app using Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) and App Store promotion. In order to do so we created ads sharing the benefits and targeting the right audience.

Core features of the NESTRE App include Mental Framing, Cognitive Training, Activate Sessions, Mindset Music and more.

The NESTRE App delivers a personalized and customized training experience based on an individual’s NESTRE Mindset Profile to achieve betterment in health, wellness, and performance. Subscribers gain access to their individual NESTRE Mindset Profile that describes their wellness and performance mindsets, provides personalized insights, and customizes their in app experience to better optimize their wellness and performance potential.

Results: +7k new users first 90 days, +650% social media reach, +30% Conversion Rate

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